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We Create Personal Environments Without Damaging The Environment We All Share

TechScape embraces the principles of sustainable landscaping and applies environmental best practices in order to protect, support and safeguard our natural resources. We strive to expand and enhance the presence of plants and trees in the urban Dallas environment.

Resource conservation, the use of native plants where practical, and designing in harmony with nature are always priorities for us. As a result of this commitment, TechScape has received multiple Environmental Improvement Awards from TNLA (The Texas Nursery and Landscape Association) and PLANET (Professional Landcare Network).

In addition, we recycle debris and use organic materials in landscape projects whenever practical. And our equipment is well-maintained, calibrated and finely-tuned to reduce emissions by up to 50 percent and fuel consumption by 30 percent.

Integrated Pest Management: An Effective Way To Reduce The Use Of Pesticides

TechScape uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to control insects, weeds and diseases in lawns and landscapes. IPM is an ongoing maintenance program that stresses the careful prevention of pest problems and the responsible use of pesticides only when necessary. Pests are identified, all possible control options (including organic) are evaluated, and the right control option for the situation is selected. When it is determined that the use of pesticides is necessary, TechScape only uses products that have been thoroughly reviewed and registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and registered and regulated by the state of Texas.

Water Conservation: A TechScape Priority

Proper water management and conservation have never been as important as they are today, particularly in a drought-prone state like Texas. When your landscape uses less water, you’re preserving a precious natural resource—and you can save on your water bill, too. That’s why smart water management is a fundamental component of TechScape’s environmental stewardship program. We make it a priority to offer our clients programs, products and services that make the best use of water.

From selecting drought-resistant plants, to installing innovative irrigation systems, TechScape’s goal is always the responsible management of sustainable—and beautiful—designs. We strive to create and maintain fabulous landscapes in an environmentally-friendly manner that requires less of this precious resource.

We endorse the work of Project Evergreen and suggest you go to for excellent information and resources on “green” landscaping practices and trends.